Redefining the Used Items Industry!

In the recent few years, has emerged as the most sought after online platform for buying and selling used items across Egypt and Middle East. The site has introduced an entirely new way of buying and selling secondhand items online to the world. To buy and sell used clothes, buy and sell new and used wedding dress, buy and sell used car, buy and sell used home accessories, sell and buy used furniture, and buy and sell used electronics, serves to be an ultimate place.

The whole process of buying and selling used items has been extremely simplified by the site so that everyone can be benefited. The huge success of can be contributed to its innovative approach, simplified process, and the convenience offered to its users. connects its users at one place to allow them exchange their used and unwanted unused items with each other to draw benefit.

There are many items that we purchase at some points of time but we never use them. These unused and unwanted things get mounted at heaps at several places in our house. But we do not what to do with them. In such a case, provides you a wonderful way to exchange them with someone who needs them more than you do for profits. At present, the site holds great potential to buy and sell used cell phones, buy and sell used computer, buy and sell used baby items, buy and sell used camera, buy and sell used electronics, and buy and sell antiques online, due to the huge demand of these items on the site.

The site offers many alternatives on its different webpages designed to meet the different needs of the users. For instance, its “Add your Item” page involves the first step for individuals to add listing AD for their item. Users need to indicate whether they want their items to sale, donate, or exchange with others. offers easy search option to its users through a ‘Search Box’. You can easily search for the items you are looking for by entering a keyword about the item in the “Search Box”. There is also an option of advance search option where you can narrow your search using the item category, subcategory, listing date, and price range.

The other valuable webpages of are Charity Page, Buy Page, Exchange Page, Wish List, and Free Service page. The “Charity Page” helps you to meet your goal of donating your item to the needy people. You can donate your used and unused items to charity organization through this page. The page also provides you full details about these organizations such as their classification, contact details and their regular needs list so that you can take informed step.

The “Buy Page” of allows users to buy the wanted items by providing thorough details, like item description, condition and price. On the other hand, The “Exchange Page” exhibits the items for exchange and helps individuals to exchange their items for benefits. If you have some items that you want to dispose of for free, you need to log onto its “Free Items” page.

If you are searching for item that is not available in the database of, you can put the details for that item on its “Wish List” page. In case you want to share part of your time, knowledge, or skills with other people or Charity Organizations, “Free Service” page is there to help you.

For more information, visit .


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